Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive an email confirmation with your workout details. Additionally, if you go into your "My Workouts" tab in your drop down menu, you're able to see all your booked workouts and all the details.
Of course! Write in any notes in the Additional Comments box before booking your trainer. It will go right to them and they'll also reach out to you if they have any questions beforehand. You'll run through your past experiences, injuries, and anything else you want to share or focus on beforehand and in person.
You will receive a text one hour before your session from Handstand so you're ready to go! During your session, get ready for a sweat, hard work, and a good time. Everyone on our platform is encouraging, helpful, and will listen to your needs no matter what level you're at.
Give it a go! All beginners are welcome and every trainer is capable of working with you on your goals. Don’t be shy to try something new - variety is king when it comes to working out and we hope you'll try them all out. Need help? Email us
One hour each. You can tell your trainer any other specifics (ie. 50 minutes of the workout, 10 minutes of stretching).
Your Handstand trainer will bring what you need. Bring the positive attitude! If you have your own equipment, that's fine too!
Nope! Handstand is intentionally cashless so you can relax and focus on your health and fitness. No awkward payment encounters or forceful sales packages. Fully enjoy and end your session with a hug or a sweaty high five!
You will be prompted to rate and review your session after it finishes. We do this so all our trainers build up their Handstand credibility, reviews, and clients. Plus, who doesn't love reading reviews?
Yes. Quick test: If you can do a plank in the space, you're good to go! You may always choose to workout at home, at a park, your apartment gym, hotel, backyard, or an independent training gym. You can also ask your trainer or our staff for suggestions. Shoot us an email at
Call (310)-870-7111 for help. Or if you don't feel like speaking, you can email us at We aim to answer immediately. Don't sweat it!
We ask that you cancel before 12 hours of your session. You may go into your dropdown menu under the My Workouts tab and press cancel. If the cancellation is within 12 hours, you will be charged at full price for the session. If you have our membership, it will be counted as one of your sessions. This gives our trainers adequate time to re-appear for other users so they can re-route their schedules and days. If an emergency or any other cause for cancellation comes up, please email us at so we may assess the situation and remove any charges.
Yes! You can go into your menu dropdown in the upper left hand corner and see your list of past workouts. There you’ll see a green rebook button where you may tap and rebook the trainer with ease. The times that show up are the times your trainer has available.

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