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We’re always looking for professional, personable personal trainers

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many clients can I expect getting started?

Most trainers are booked within the first week of joining Handstand, some in seconds! The most successful trainers are the ones who have clear profile photos, great bios, and are ready to go! Things that also help are updating your availability in the app, sharing photos, setting schedules for your clients, and working with us as a team! All of our incredible trainers work with us and our partners at Reebok, too.

2. Can I accept tips?

The Handstand experience means not having to reach for a wallet at the end of a session and we pride ourselves on removing the painful negotiation and cash exchange between client and trainer so you can focus on a bigger relationship and goal at hand! We send payments every other week to all our trainers and are working on post-session payment + other tools that have been requested by you!

3. What is the minimum trainer rating to remain a Handstand trainer?

The minimum average rating a trainer needs to remain on the Handstand App is 4 out of 5 stars. This ensures we only have the best trainers on the App! Handstand asks that trainers do not ask clients to review them with 5 stars. That is up to the client. You’ll be sending feedback and reviewing them as well!

For more questions, please email us at

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Trainer Applications are processed online or through the Trainer Team App

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Partnerships: Studios

Meaningful, Impactful Partnerships

Handstand has meaningful and impactful national sponsorships and partnerships with Reebok and Bose. We also strive to offer the best in personal training and client relationships, on a local level. Handstand is now seeking partnerships with local gyms and studios (national are great, too!) to better serve our customers and mutually grow our businesses.

Reebok partnership with Handstand Bose partnership with Handstand

Why partner your studio with Handstand?

We partner with studios to mutually grow businesses

Partner your gym or studio with Handstand and make more from your space

Make the most of your space

Fill your schedule with classes

Fill your classes

Increase revenue and make more

Increase revenue

Increase exposure and reach more customers

Gain new exposure

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Handstand users accept a liability waiver when using the App and website, but can we have Handstand members sign a liability waiver upon entering our studio for the first session?

Yes and we prefer it! Signups will occur through Handstand, so feel free to have clients create accounts and sign your waivers when they arrive at the studio. Please let us know if you need us to assist with a template.

2. Who gets notified when a spot is filled for a session at our studio?

Booking requests will come directly through our integration with studio software systems to you - seamless. The owner or studio manager will receive an email whenever a client has booked a spot for the Handstand designated sessions at your studio. You’ll be taken through an example beforehand.

3. Is there any maintenance on our side?

Nope. We integrate with MindBody, so it's as simple as adding Handstand small group sessions to your class schedule. Those will become available on the App and website for clients to book at your studio over and over again!

For more questions, please email us at


Full service on-demand training, all equipment provided.

More cities coming soon!